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Baba Barfani – About Baba Barfani Manifestation of Shiva

Baba Barfani is the name used to refer the ice Shivling murti of Shiva that forms in the Amarnath cave in Jammu and Kashmir. People call the Shiva Lingam - Hindu God Shiva - Baba Barfani with love and respect. The annual Amarnath Yatra to the renowned cave shrine in Jammu and Kashmir attracts thousands of people. The cave shrine is noted for the formation of a natural Shiva Lingam. The natural ‘ice lingam’ is formed by the ice droplets from the rooftop of the vast cave.

Amarnath Yatra to have the darshan of Baba Barfani usually begins around the Jyeshta Purnima day (June) and ends on the Raksha Bandhan day (Shravan Purnima) (August).

The size of the Baba Barfani Shivling varies from 12 ft to 25 ft.

The cave shrine can be accessed from Baltal and the traditional Pahalgam route.

The Baltal route is shorter but the climb is steep. The traditional Pahalgam route passes through Sheshnag and Panchtarni – both are important historical places associated with Hinduism which finds mention in Hindu Puranas and Epics.

It is believed that secret of life was shared to Goddess Parvati by Shiva in this cave. What is amazing about the cave is the constant presence of two white doves.