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Visobakhecher and Namadev – God in All Animate and Inanimate

A real life incident involving Visobakhecher and Namadev teaches us that God is in all animate and inanimate. Sant Namadev was one of the pillars of the Bhakti cult that developed around the worship of Bhagavan Vitthal of Pandarpur in Maharashtra during the middle ages. Sant Namadev was also a companion of Sant Dnyaneshwar.

Sant Namadev used to visit the Bhagavan Vitthal Temple in Pandarpur daily and he was attached to the temple. Sant Dnyaneshwar made fun of this attachment as Sant Namadev believed that the Lord was only in the temple.

Namadev used to converse with Lord Vitthal daily and he complained to the Lord about other people making fun of him for his attachment.

Lord Vitthal then asked Namdev to go to Visobakhecher who lived in a nearby village and receive spiritual teachings. Namdev was not ready to leave as it meant he will not be able to visit the temple for two or three days. Lord Vitthal convinced him to meet Visobakhecher.

Namdev reached the village of Visobakhecher and found out that he was staying in an old Shiva temple on the outskirts of the village. When Namdev reached the temple he was shocked to find an old man sleeping with his legs on the Shivling.

An angry Namdev woke up the old man and asked him to remove his legs from the Lord.

Visobakhecher then asked Namdev to keep his leg where Lord is not.

Namdev angrily pull out the leg of Visobakhecher and placed it in the opposite direction but he was surprised to see a Shivling there. He then moved the leg to a third direction but there too there was a Shivling.

Namdev soon discovered that the there was a Shivling in every inch of space in the temple.

With no place to keep the feet of Visobakhecher; Namdev put the feet of the holy man on his head.

The moment the feet touched the head of Namdev, he was illumined about the all pervading nature of the Supreme Truth.

Tears trickled from the eyes of Namdev and he thanked Visobakhecher and Lord Vitthal.

This real life incident teaches us that any form of attachment is ignorance.