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Sanat Sujata Gita Teachings

A collection of teachings from Sanat Sujata Gita.

The learned are of the opinion that death results from ignorance. I say that ignorance is Death. So, the absence of ignorance, that is, knowledge is immortality.

The pursuit of the Brahman or Self-knowledge is immortality.

The desire of enjoyments first kills men. Lust and wrath soon follow behind it. Thus, the desire for enjoyment, lust and wrath lead foolish men to death.

Those that have conquered their souls (minds), however, succeed, by self-restraint, to escape death. He that has conquered his mind conquers the senses, regarding them as of no value, by the aid of self-knowledge. Ignorance, assuming the form of Yama, cannot devour that learned man who controls his desires in this manner. That man who follows his desires is destroyed along with his desires. He that can renounce desires can certainly drive away all kinds of woe.

Sanat Sujata Gita is found in the Mahabharata and it is a dialogue between Dhrthirashtra and Rishi Sanat-sujata