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Salmali Island – Salmalidvipa in Hindu Scriptures

Information regarding Salmali Island (Salmalidvipa) is found in the Vishnu Purana. It is one among the important seven islands (dvipa). This is a huge island and is surrounded on four sides by sugarcane juice. (Some texts claim that the island is surrounded by sura (liquor).

There are seven mountains in the Salmali Island. They provide shelter to various living beings including human beings. The seven mountains separate the island into seven regions and they contain rare trees, creepers, plants, flowers and herbs. It is also said that the mountains have huge deposits of precious stones.

There are seven holy rivers in the Salmalidvipa – Yoni, Toya, Vitrna, Chandra, Mukta, Vimochani and Nirvrti. It is said that merely remembering the name of the rivers will give redemption from sins.

The people in the island worship Vishnu in the form of Vayu (wind god).

The island takes the name from a tree which grows here known as Salmali. It is said that the tree provides comfort to the mind.