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Moonga Ganesh Murti - Coral Stone Ganesha Idol For Luck

Moonga Ganesh Murti is known as Vighneshwar and Siddhi Vinayak. Moonga Ganesha Murti is the idol of Ganapati made from red color stone known as Moonga or coral. This Murti can be worshipped in the home.  Popular belief is that worship of this idol will help in removing troubles, hindrances and ushers in good luck.

There is special significance attributed to Ganesh murtis made of red color.  It is considered holy and highly auspicious. The belief is that presence of Moonga Murtis helps in improving confidence level.

Moonga murti can be placed in home (Puja room), workplace, shops and in other business establishments.

The mentioned benefits also include fast relief from health problems and victory over enemies.

Moonga Murti pran pratishtha can be done on Tuesdays or on Chaturthi Tithi in Hindu Lunar Calendar.