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Maruts or Marutas in Hindu Tradition

Maruts or Marutas in Rig Veda are the Gods associated with wind and storm in Rig Veda. They accompany Indra, the king of Devas. In Puranas, Maurts are the sons of Sage Kashyapa and Diti.

In Vedas, Maruts are said to be 7, 27, 29 or 180 in number. They along with Indra wreak havoc on Earth by throwing thunderbolts, churning up huge storms and creating earthquakes. They were propitiated for a peaceful life on Earth. Thus Maruts personify natural calamities that caused trouble to human beings on earth.

In Puranas also Marutas are associated with Indra. Sage Kashyapa had two wives Aditi and Diti. Pleased with Aditi, Sage Kashypa blessed her with a son – Indra. Now Diti grew jealous of Aditi and demanded an equally radiant son from Sage Kashyapa.

Sage Kashyapa promised her a son equal to Indra. As Diti advanced in her pregnancy, she became more beautiful and radiant. Aditi grew jealous. She thought that her son Indra will be relegated by the son of Diti.

So she asked Indra to do something to protect his authority. Indra cleverly won the trust of Diti by serving her. Once while Diti was sleeping, Indra cut her womb into 49 pieces. The child got out of the womb as 49 marutas. They got the name Maruta as Indra asked them not to cry while he cut the womb. Ma Ruda – Don’t Cry.

Thus Maruts are brothers of Indra.

Diti who lost her son, cursed Indra to lose his kingdom. Aditi was cursed to be born on earth and grieve over children. Thus Aditi was born as Devaki and had to see her children being killed by Kamsa.