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Story of Vatsasura And Krishna – Calf Demon Vatsasura

Kamsa had appointed numerous demons to kill Sri Krishna. Vatsasura was one such demon. He decided to kill Sri Krishna on the banks of Yamuna. The story has it that demon Vatsa took the form of a calf and joined the herd of calves that Sri Krishna and Balarama were attending to.

The demon followed Sri Krishna. The demon went wherever the Lord went. Krishna soon realized who the calf was. He then secretly told to Balrama about the presence of a demon among the calves.

Sri Krishna then pretended as if he knew nothing. The brothers behaved normally. Then casually Sri Krishna approached the demon who was unaware that he had been discovered.

In a swift move, Sri Krishna caught hold of the hind legs of the calf and whirled him round and round. He then hurled him on to a wood apple tree. Both the demon and the tree fell down creating a huge noise.

The ground was filled with fruits of wood apple. The other gopas who were with Sri Krishna were amazed at the sight.

Because Sri Krishna touched him Vatasura’s destiny changed and he attained Moksha.