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Rudra Gita Teachings

A collection of teachings from Rudra Gita.

By the practice of devotion of Srihari Vishnu, the sages attain to a state where the mind is neither drawn to, nor agitated by, external objects; nor is it overcome by dullness and sleep but stays in itself perfectly still and awake. In such a state of mind, the sage intuits the Truth.

Thou, Oh Lord, are the free and unaffected Being, although Thy power Maya, giving rise to myriad forms (the multiplicity), creates, preserves and destroys this universe, and leads one to wrongly feel that this multiplicity has an existence apart from Thee.

With various rituals and kindred supports, the yogis worship Thee in several forms of spiritual glory, with faith in the rituals and hope in their success. Only those who understand all these forms to be Thyself can be considered knower of the Veda and other scriptures.
Rudra Gita