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How Aarti should be waved in front of Deities?

Aarti is an important part of Hindu puja and worship. Daily Aarti is offered to Hindu Gods worshiped in the puja room. Here is brief description of waving Aarti before deities.

The best option is to use a lamp with five wicks.

The best medium for lighting lamp is ghee. Another option is sesame oil.

The platter containing the lit lamp should be waved in full circle in front of the deity.

The Aarti should be performed in clockwise direction.

Aarti platter should not be waved above the head of the deity.

The Aarti should be then placed before the deity and prayers chanted or one should perform meditation.

After performing the puja one should wait for sometime and put out the lamp. One should not allow the lamp to produce black fumes.