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Book – Read – Hinduism – Path of the Ancient Wisdom Online

Hinduism – Path of the Ancient Wisdom is a book written by Dr. Hiro Badlani. The book provides a good introduction to all the important aspects of Hinduism. There are 63 chapters. The book is currently available online and you can read all the chapters online for free.

An excerpt from the book
The Spiritual Teachings of the Vedas    
The Vedas contain a treasure trove of spiritual teachings in the form of mantras and slokas. The main philosophy of the Vedic teachings may be summarized in the interpretation of the following mantras and slokas: 
Shanti Karanam: the hymns of peace. These hymns are included in all the Vedas. Among the hymns of Shanti Karanam, the Gayatri Mantra undoubtedly occupies a place of prestige. 
Hindu sages invoked all the gods and especially the rising, effulgent sunrise savitra for granting the noble mind, the sacred gayatri. They observed the symbolic but spiritual bond between the early rising sun and the (spiritual) augmenting of the human mind. They hailed the boundless supremacy of the sun (suray) in everyday life. They also recognized the prerogative of the early morning period on the development and creation of good mind (sumati). Hindu Rishis eventually honored the mind as the cornerstone of all human impetus and evolution. Later, the Gayatri Mantra became representative of the transcendental divine, quite in keeping with the dynamic evolutionary pattern of the Hindu pantheon.