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Hindu Story On Devotion – Bhakti Is Greater Than Wealth

Worship of God in mind is always better than worshiping through show of wealth and pomp. We make spirituality and worship an event by loud music and numerous other embellishments. But true Bhakti is in realizing the God inside us. Once a king wanted to show his devotion to Vishnu for this he built an ornate temple and fixed the date for the consecration (Kumbhabhishekam ceremony) of the temple.

Advertisements about the greatness of the temple were announced in all nook and corner of the kingdom. There was huge preparation for the inauguration – dancers, priests, musicians from all over the kingdom and neighboring kingdoms arrived to participate in the event.

The night before the Kumbhabhishekam of the temple, the king had a dream and in it Vishnu appeared and said that a poor potter has built a small temple and he is going to dedicate it to Me tomorrow. Vishnu said that he cannot disappoint his ardent devotee – the potter. The potter was a great bhakta and he always thought about Vishnu and had always placed Vishnu in his heart.

The king suddenly woke up and realized that he had been foolishly proud about his rich temple. He recognized that Bhakti is greater than wealth.

So thinking the King went to the potter and requested him to adopt him as a disciple.