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Suraj Kund Temple in Haryana Dedicated to Surya

SurajKundTemple in Yamunanagar District in Haryana is dedicated to Surya, the sun god in Hinduism. This important temple is part of the Kapal Mochan Tirth. A highlight of the place is that women come here to pray to get healthy children. SurajKundTemple is around 4 km from JagadhriTown.
An ancient temple dedicated to Surya is the main attraction here. A pond (kund) located here is sacred.
An important fair is held here August/September in Bhadrapad month.
It is also believed that the water in the Suraj Kund has curative properties.
Other nearby holy places includes Shri Kapal Mochan, Shri Badri Narain, Shri Mantra Devi, Shri Kedar Nath, Shri Rin Mochan, and Shri Saraswati Udgam Sthal.

Meena Om Quotes

Tranquility is an inner peaceful, content and consistent state of mind. It is not loneliness. It is liberation from all emotional and physical bondage.
Most of us cannot relate to ourselves, or to our own truth inside. We do not realize that there is joy in every thing, rising as well as falling, as it is all meant for our growth. It is a joy to watch ourselves grow. The more we resist what ever is happening to us in our life, the more it is disquieting. The moment we realize and accept it as a part of the Universal design for our growth, we become comfortable with it. This is when miracles happen. Our passage becomes smooth.
Simply by practising and preaching that we are one or we should be one, problems do not get solved. There is a direct relationship between perfection and imperfection. Greater the imperfection, greater the perfection required to eradicate it. We have to acquire a power greater than the power of falsehood. This can happen only when one reaches that level of consc…