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Eating Beef to Hurt Religious Sentiments of Hindus – And We Hindus Fall For It

A Beef festival conducted by a group of people at OsmaniaUniversity with the intention to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus has become international news. The intention of the beef festival was to provoke Hindus and we Hindus fell for the trap. Secular scholars have started writing articles on beef – quoting elaborately from Hindu texts. Digital version of Vedas and other Hindu scriptures are searched for cow, beef and ox meat – to prove that beef was eaten in ancient India or at least cows were killed. They have made it into a caste issue.

Beef Festival is the latest symbol of secularism. Eating beef to show rebellion is suddenly a fashion among intellectuals. Hope these intellectuals are aware of the health risks involved in eating beef. Especially Indian beef – the meat of bull and cow fed on unnaturally rich diets to fatten, growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics. Also our cows and bulls eat plastic to anything found on streets. Intellectuals from Kerala will help in this…

Daily 2,900 Million Liters of Sewage Is Discharged Into Ganga River

Prime minister of India said on April 17, 2012 that every day 2,900 million liters of sewage was being discharged into the Ganga. HolyRiverGanga is sacred to Hindus – only sacred in prayers. It is we Hindus who are responsible for the present state of GangaRiver. Seeking Her blessings and shamelessly polluting Her with all possible waste go side by side. We forget that She who can Bless also can Curse.

Ganga provides water to over 40% of India's population in 11 states.
The existing infrastructure has a capacity to treat only 1,100 million liters of sewage per day.
Most of the waste water comes from tanneries, distilleries, paper mills and sugar mills along the banks of the Ganga. Human waste, plastics etc cannot be kept track of.

Prim Minister as usual has talked in detail about the problems and solutions. This talk has been going on for several years with no concrete result on the ground. If you like to read about the problems and solutions you can read it here at the Hindust…

Lalleshwari Teachings

Just for a moment a flower grows,
Bright and brilliant on a green-clad tree: Just for a moment a cold wind blows Through the bare thorns of a thicket free.
Only is he blessed and at peace, False hopes abandoned, who ascends Where the hard loans of desire cease, Where no debt, nor anyone that lends.
Thou art the heavens, and thou the earth: Thou alone art day and night and air: Thou thyself art all things that have birth, Even the offerings of flowers fair.
Lalleshwari – a 14th century mystic poetess who lived in Kashmir – an ardent devotee of Shiva.
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