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Video of Pattadakal Temples and Monuments

Pattadakal located in Bijapur District of Karnataka is home to some of the most beautiful temples in India. Archaeological survey of India has created a short video explaining the architectural importance of the temples. The important temples here include the Virupaksha Temple, Kadasiddheswara Temple, Jambulingeswara Temple, Galaganatha Temple, Chandrashekhara Temple, Sangameswara Temple (the oldest), Kasivisweswara Temple, Mallikarjuna Temple and the Papanatha Temple.
Link – Video of Pattadakal Temples

To rise above limitations we have only to realize that we are deeper than our personalities – Swami Kriyananda

No man can truly succeed in life if he fails to develop the feminine side of his nature. And no woman can succeed who does not resolutely develop her masculine side. But neither can succeed without awakening their feminine side.
Many of our problems are actually worried into existence. Worry is caused, not by outward circumstances, but by our reactions to them. A healthy mind will remain poised under all circumstances. Where, indeed, is misfortune, if one dose not accept it as such?
Once we bring God into our lives, we rise above limitations. We have only to realize that we are deeper than our personalities. We need to step aside and watch our personalities, until we can see that the whole thing is merely a coat, covering our divinity.
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