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Akka Mahadevi Quotes and Teachings

Having made one’s home on the hill-top, how can
One afford to be afraid of the beasts? Having made one’s home on the seashore, how can one afford to be afraid of the surging waves?
Having made one’s home in the market-place, how Can one afford to shrink from its noise? Hear what I say, O Chenna Mallikarjuna:
Having been born in this world, one should not Lose one’s temper at praise or blame But maintain the poise of one’s spirit.
Like treasure hidden in the ground, like flavor in the fruit, like gold in the rock, and oil in the seed, the Absolute is hidden in the heart. Akka Mahadevi (twelfth-century Virashaiva saint)

Like a silkworm weaving her house with love from her marrow,
and dying in her body's threads winding tight, round and round, I burn desiring what the heart desires. Cut through, O Lord, my heart's greed, and show me your way out, O Lord white as jasmine Akka Mahadevi (Source: Show Me Your way out, a poem by Akka Mahadevi)
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