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Chandeshwar – Shiva as Chandeshwara

Chandeshwar is one of the manifestations of God Shiva. Chandeshwara is a kind and benevolent aspect of Shiva. Chandeshwar is also one among the Shivlings mentioned in the Kashi Khand. The term is also used to refer to an attendant of Shiva who is believed to have been a cowherd.

It is stated that one who worships Chandeshwar Shivling will not have rebirth and will escape from all dangers and worries.

Chandeshwar in human form is depicted as sitting on a lotus-throne. He holds arrow, axe, bow, club, hatchet, noose, rosary, trident and water jar. Snakes are also associated with Chandeshwar form.

Chandeshwar Shivling Temple in Varanasi is located near the Bhishma Chandi Devi Temple on the Cariappa Marg in Sadar Bazar locality.

Chandeshwar temples are also located in Karnataka and Goa.