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Benefits of Wearing Pearl Ring – Moti Stone

Pearl, or Moti, in Hindu astrology is associated with moon or Chandra. One of main benefits of wearing pearl ring as per astrologers is that it helps in attaining peace of mind and it also helps in controlling the anger. Moti stone is usually etched into gold or silver ring. There is also widespread belief that pearl helps in curing heart and stomach diseases.

Other benefits include:
Increases the concentration power
Respectable position in the society
Increase of wealth
Helps in improving the function of heart.
Helps in curing stomach related ailments.
Helps in improving relation between husband and wife.

Shudh Moti or Pure Pearl helps in attaining wealth and blessing of Goddess Lakshmi.
Yellow colored pearl is also worn for attaining wealth
Red color pearl is worn to improve intelligence and attain more wisdom.
White colored moti is worn to improve social status
Blue colored pearl is worn to fulfill desires related to senses.