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About Hindu God Alagar

Alagar is a manifestation of Hindu God Vishnu mainly worshiped in Tamil Nadu in India. It is believed that Vishnu appeared in this form as the brother of Goddess Meenakshi (Parvathi). Legend has it that Vishnu descended from Vaikunta and appeared in the present day Alagar Koil region. He then gave his sister Meenakshi in marriage to Sundareshvara (Shiva) – the divine couple resides at Madurai Meenakshi Temple.

The most famous temple dedicated to the Alagar form of Vishnu is located at around 21 km north-east of Madurai. The temple known as Alagar Koil is located on the foot of Alagar hills.

Scholars are also of the view that the legend was intended to unite Shiva and Vishnu devotees.

Alagar is worshiped as Kallalagar in Alagar Koil, as Kattalagar in Srivilliputtur Temple and as Koodalagar in Madurai.

The murti of Algar is flanked by Bhu Devi and Shridevi.

Alagar riding a horse and entering the Vaigai River is an important ritual that takes place during the Chithirai Festival (April / May).

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