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Diwali Thoughts and Quotes – Hindu Blog

Take bath in the early morning, perform Lakshmi Puja, eat sweets, meet friends and relatives, light diya and play with crackers and Diwali comes to an end. From next day we are back to our routine – making both ends meet. Do we ever spare time on Diwali to think about its spiritual significance – why light diya on the darkest night of the month?

We are surrounded by darkness. There is spiritual darkness; there is darkness created by ignorance; there is darkness created by jealousy and lust; there is darkness of greediness and avarice; there is darkness of desire; darkness of anger, hatred and darkness of fear.

The human made darkness in the of life beings on earth is getting even getting more darker. Human beings plunder nature out of greed. But remember our great ancestors, whose knowledge and wisdom, is unparalleled in the universe, have tried to warn us. Diwali is also when Kali Puja is performed. If we don't change our insane levels of greed, then Mother Earth can  invoke Goddess Kali and She can appear in any form from the biggest to the unimaginably big or from the smallest to unimaginably small to wipe out human beings. 

The diya that we lit outside is constantly burning in you and in all animate and inanimate. That diya is constant in past, present and future. There was never a time when this diya was not there. Neither will ever be a time when this diya will not be there.

Realize that diya and it is Diwali on all days.

All our sufferings and problems come to an end when we are able to realize the Supreme Light within us. When it is realized all man made barriers are broken. We become on with the Supreme Truth. Respect all that is there in nature. Learn to live by sharing and caring for all living beings.

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