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Subala Upanishad Teachings

There is neither Sat or Asat, nor Sat-asat.

He who knows this as seedless in this manner becomes himself seedless. He is neither born, nor dies, nor is deluded, nor split, nor burnt, nor cut – he does not feel angry, and hence he is said to be Atma, capable of  burning all.

One attains to this Atma by the six means of satya (truth), dana (Charity), tapas (religious austerities), non-injury to any creature, celibacy and complete indifference to worldly objects.

Whoever feels happy with the thought ‘I Know That,’ that learned person’s prana will never get out of his body at the moment of death, but will become absorbed in Brahman; and being absorbed in Brahman, he attains the state the State of Brahman Itself as he who knows this.