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Mahagauri Puja and Mantra for Early Marriage and Other Marriage Related Troubles

Mahagauri form of Goddess Durga is worshipped to alleviate marriage related problems. Those girls and women who are having delay in marriage should chant the mantra dedicated to Goddess Gauri as solution. The mantra should be chanted 11 times. Mahagauri Mantra is – Om Mahagauri daitye Namah:

The offering to Goddess Gauri includes 5 supari (betel nut), 5 lotus flowers, one coconut and one chunari (cloth). Another option is to feed hungry children or old people. Those people feeding hungry people can avoid the offerings. They just need to do prayers.

Apart from the mantra girls should also read Durga Saptashati – from the fifth chapter to the 11th chapter.