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Amanaska Yoga Quotes

Always leave behind the material, the mental and the troublesome. Always turn to that which is stainless, beyond the mind and beyond appearance.

Some who are full of pride (although) knowing a multitude of Shastras, do not know the teaching, and (would not know it) even through hundreds of texts.

The tree of the mundane world will fall when the root(s) of the mind are uprooted by the yogi who grows strong through the nectar of equanimity.

The knower of the highest reality knows that the highest reality is beyond the duality of existence and non-existence; (it) passes beyond (both) sleep and wakefulness (and) is free from life and death.

Amanaska Yoga - Amanaska Yoga is a dialogue between Shiva and Sage Vamadeva. 

Source - The Amanaska Yoga A Critical Edition, Translation and Study by Jason Birch

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