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Agni Durga In Hindu Religion – About Goddess Agni Durga Form of Goddess Shakti

Agni Durga is a manifestation of Goddess Durga in Hindu religion. This is a unique form of Mother Goddess Shakti as she has three eyes like Shiva. The description of her form is given in Agamas. She takes her name from her brilliant complexion like the lightning.

Vehicle or Vahana of Agni Durga is a lion.

She has eight hands and they hold disc, sword, shield, arrow, noose and goad. Two hands are in varada and tarjani mudra (blessing and warning).

A unique feature of the image of Agni Durga is that she is usually depicted along with two celestial women. They stand by her sides and hold sword and shield in their hands.

This is a fierce form of Goddess Durga. She is basically worshipped for getting protection from enemies.

There are no known temples that is exclusively dedicated to Agni Durga. She is found as minor deity in certain Goddess Shakti temples. She is also depicted on many temple walls in painting and also in pillars in sculpture form.

There is an Agni Durga temple located at Karamogaru, Gurpura, Mangaluru. The shrine is on the banks of Phalguni River.