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Chhappan Bhog 2023 Date – 56 Sacred Food Items Offered to Sri Krishna at Vrindavan and Mathura

Chhappan Bhog is observed during the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad Month at Vrindavan and Mathura. In remembrance of the divine incident of Krishna lifting the Govardhan mountain, 56 different types of dishes are offered to Sri Krishna on the day. In 2023, Chhappan Bhog important date is September 29 - Bhadrapad Purnima.

Legend has it that Sri Krishna held aloft the Govardhan mountain (in Mathura) for seven days on his little finger, and saved the people from the wrath of Indra. Humbled, Indra became a follower of Krishna. The moment Krishna lifted the mountain, Surabhi, a heavenly cow, fed Krishna with her milk.

To show their devotion, Gopis prepared 56 dishes and offered to Sri Krishna.

56 dishes are initially offered to Sri Krishna and then distributed among all the devotees in temples in the Braj region.