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Shradh – Tarpan in Adhik Masa in Hindu Calendar – Rituals Dedicated to Dead in Extra Month in Hindu Calendar

Shradh – Tarpan rituals to be performed in Adhik Month are mentioned below. Certain rituals dedicated to the dead are to be performed in the extra month. Certain have to be skipped. The details of Shradh – Tarpan in Adhik Shravan 2023 is given below.

Annual Shradh rituals regularly performed in Shravan month should be performed only in the Nija Shravan month and not in the Adhik Month.

The first annual Shradh of those people died in last Shravan month should be performed in the Adhik Shravan month this year.

Monthly Shradh should be performed in both Adhika and Nija Shravan Months.

If the 12th Masika Shradh occurs in Adhika, then after performing 12th Masika in Adhika and Nija months, Prathama Abdika should be performed in the 14th Month.

Darsha Shraddha, Nitya Shraddha, Yugadi-Manvadi Shraddha should be performed in both Adhika and Nija Masa.

Prati-Samvatsarika Shraddha of those who expired in last Adhika Masa should be performed in Adhika Masa only. It should not be performed in Nija Masa.