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Pradosham and Narasimha Avatar of Vishnu

Pradosham is the twilight period and is usually associated with Shiva. Pradosh is also of great importance to Vishnu devotees as Narasimha Avatar happened during the period. Narasimha appeared to rid the world of the Adharma that was propitiated by Hiranyakashipu during the pradosham period on Vaishakh Shukla Chaturdashi.

Demon Hiranyakashipu as a result of intense austerities (Tapas) got a boon from Brahma that he will not be killed either by a man or a beast, neither will he be killed indoors or outdoors and nor during day or night.

The demon had cleverly asked such a boon and believed that he had attained immortality. But that which is born never escapes the clutches of Death.

Armed with such a powerful boon, Hiranyakashipu asked the people to worship him and not Vishnu. He overpowered the Devas and people started worshipping him except for his son Prahlad.

The devotion of Prahlad resulted in the appearance of Narasimha.

Narasimha avatar fulfilled all that Hiranyakashipu had asked in the boon. The demon had asked that He should not be killed during day or night – Narasimha appeared at Pradosham when it was neither day or night.

Vishnu devotees observe silence or mauna during the period. No mantras are recited during the period either.