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Narasimha Jayanti Thoughts and Quotes by Hindu Blog

A a few thoughts and quotes on Narasimha Jayanti.

Narasimha Jayanti is the day when Hindu God Vishnu appeared in the form of Narasimha. Ever compassionate and loving Srihari Vishnu answered all the prayers of child Prahlada when he took the Avatar of Narasimha. There are several important lessons in Narasimha Avatar.
  • To get the blessings of Bhagavan what we need is pure devotion and childlike innocence of Prahlada. Child Prahlada did not perform harsh fasting, complex rituals, costly pujas, and sacrifices. Prahlada made Srihari Vishnu appear as Narasimha with his steadfast devotion, unwavering belief, and the simple mantra Om Namo Narayana. This should be a lesson for all those people who go after fake swamis, spend money on costly pujas and torture their body with harsh fasts for wish fulfillment. 
  • The core teaching of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) is that the Supreme Truth is present in all animate and inanimate. When young Prahlada said His Lord is present even in pillar and rust, he was extolling this teaching. The Lord appeared from the pillar to prove that this is the universal truth – everything is God. 
  • There is no end to the forms of the Lord. He can appear in any form. Innumerable are his creations. The forms that we know are less than a drop in the vast ocean of creation without boundaries. Narasimha form teaches us this lesson. 
  • Adharma may grow to any size. But Dharma is always bigger than Adharma and will ultimately prevail over Adharma. Hrianyakashipu was well shielded by the boons – he thought it as a license to practice Adharma. But Narasimha Avatar proved that Adharma can never flourish forever.
by hindu-blog.com - Abhilash Rajendran