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Who Is A Man Of Perfection? – Swami Chinmayananda

Self-realization is not a melancholy parade, crawling to a pre-destined tomb, but it is a joyous ride to the Palace of Truth, from which man has wandered away in his own ignorance and confusion.

A Perfect Man is one who has lifted himself from the world of his mind—intellect and has awakened to his inner Spiritual Nature.

A Man of Perfection is one whose beloved object, the Self can never be apart from him. And he has no sense of attachment with any other object. Having attained the Self, the inhabitant of his heart, he has such a complete sense of fulfillment that he has no desire for attaining anything. The Self being the All, he has at once attained everything.

A Man of Perfection is one who does not identify himself with his mental or emotional estimation of things. Also to one who has won over joy and grief, and who has gained a certain amount of detachment from external objects, desire for obtaining the pleasant or the unpleasant is no emotion at all. Where there is no desire, hatred is an unknown, alien factor there; and neither is there anger against any obstacle that comes between a person and the object of his desire.

Swami Chinmayananda