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Mahakala Linga

Mahakala Linga is a very rare form of Shivling. Mahakala Linga is bright and corpulent in shape, elongated and slightly red colored. It is bright and attractive. The description about the linga is only found in a text credited to Hemadri, a 13th century who wrote books related to murtis, temple architecture and construction. It is believed that worshipping the Mahakala Linga helps in attaining all forms of prosperity.

Mahakala Linga is mentioned in the Skanda Purana and Shiva Purana. Chapter 18 of the Shiva Purana indicates that a cowherd boy worshipped Mahakala Linga and attained Shiva Loka. It is said that the piety of the boy was so great that Hanuman predicted that Vishnu will incarnate in the cowherd race.

Mahakala Linga is part of the Bana Lingas and is naturally formed.