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Kathiri Veyil

Kathiri Veyil is the period when the Sun or Surya passes through the star Krittika also known as Agni Nakshatram. The period is considered to be the peak summer season. In 2024, Kathiri Veyil in Tamil Calendar is from May 4 to May 28. As it is the peak summer season the period is considered inauspicious and therefore some people refer the period as Agni Nakshatra dosha. The period is also known as Kathir and Kartari.

The passing of sun through 3rd and 4th quarter of Bharani Nakshatra and the four quarters of Krittika and the first quarter of Rohini Star is the period of Agni Nakshatram.

The dosha or inauspicious period is for 21 days. The popular belief is that journey made during this period will be unsuccessful, money given will not be returned, diseases will not be cured easily etc.

Some people are of the belief that auspicious events were avoided in ancient times during this time due to the intense heat wave taking place during the period.