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Goddess Priti

Goddess Priti is the consort of Kamadeva – the Hindu God of Love. Goddess Priti is personification of affection/joy/delight. Kamadev or Manmatha has two consorts Rati and Priti.

The most popular consort of Kamadeva is Rati and most literature associated with the exploits of the God of Love does not mention Priti.

Legend has it that Goddess Priti and Rati helped Goddess Parvati in her attempts to win Shiva as Her husband. Shiva who was deep in meditation after Goddess Sati’s death showed no interest in Goddess Parvati.

Goddess Parvati used clean the cave in which Shiva was meditating. She used bring fresh flowers and fruits hoping that Shiva will be pleased. But all her attempts failed.

Goddess Parvati then takes the help of Goddess Priti who converts the cave into a paradise filled with flowers, butterflies, bees and birds.