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Eating Beef to Hurt Religious Sentiments of Hindus – And We Hindus Fall For It

A Beef festival conducted by a group of people at Osmania University with the intention to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus has become international news. The intention of the beef festival was to provoke Hindus and we Hindus fell for the trap. Secular scholars have started writing articles on beef – quoting elaborately from Hindu texts. Digital version of Vedas and other Hindu scriptures are searched for cow, beef and ox meat – to prove that beef was eaten in ancient India or at least cows were killed. They have made it into a caste issue.

Beef Festival is the latest symbol of secularism. Eating beef to show rebellion is suddenly a fashion among intellectuals. Hope these intellectuals are aware of the health risks involved in eating beef. Especially Indian beef – the meat of bull and cow fed on unnaturally rich diets to fatten, growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics. Also our cows and bulls eat plastic to anything found on streets. Intellectuals from Kerala will help in this matter as the largest beef consuming state in India is already facing numerous beef related health issues.

Beef is used as a weapon to instigate hatred against Hindus. Create caste divide. Make students of the same campus bitter enemies. Create divide in society.

Who gains from this? Enemies of Union of India. And those people who get money from foreign countries to propagate a particular religion in India. Make political, economic and religious gains through such bickering is part of the old divide and rule policy.

People in democracy have every right to eat anything they want but it should not be at the cost of trampling others or hurting other people's religious sentiments. Eat beef in your room or home. If you value your freedom, you should also respect the freedom of others.

Such festivals will only make the democracy weak. It will not help true secularism. From health point of view of the youngsters, daily intake of Indian beef opens door to heart attack and cancer.

Hindus should take the help of law and not resort to physical attacks during such provocations. The people behind such festivals want Hindus to react physically. So that it becomes news. So that majority religious fundamentalism and caste angle is brought into the whole episode.

Thousands of Hindus are doing a lot to help cows, protect those wandering on streets. Millions of Hindus do nothing to protect cows.

The ideal option to fight such beef eating festivals is by protecting and helping cows and bulls that wander on our roads. Set an example. Defeat enemies of Hindus by protecting cows not by attacking those eating beef. Those eating beef are our own.