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Shatarupa – The Concept Of Goddess Shatarupa

The concept of Shatarupa is closely associated with creation. It tries to explain the birth of the different living beings on earth. Shatarupa means one that can take numerous forms. The concept of Shatarupa is also an extension of the core teaching of Sanatana Dharma that all living forms are the manifestation of the Supreme Truth.

The symbolic story – Legend has it that the first being that was created by Brahma was Goddess Saraswati. Brahma was unable to control his passions for the first female form.

Knowing the intention of Brahma, Goddess Saraswati moves away from Brahma taking the form of a cow. To follow her, Brahma takes the form of a bull. The Goddess then becomes a mare; Brahma becomes horse. Every time Goddess Saraswati turned into a bird, animal or tree, Brahma took the male form.

The Goddess who thus took different forms came to be known as Shatarupa.

Such stories are meant to simplify the core teaching of Sanatana Dharma which is otherwise difficult for common man to understand.

The above story explains that there is only one single source or it is God that is present in all animate and inanimate.