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Bharavi Teachings

Those who wish good of their friends should not please them with words which are not true.

The friendship of the bad is like the shade of some precipitous river bank with crumbling sides, which, falling, buries him who is beneath.

There should not be any ambiguity in the use of words. There should not be any repetition, and the desirability of the sense should never be trampled upon.

The man who wishes to rise should first dispel the darkness of anger by his intellect.

He who although powerful does not resist the encroachments of the darkness of delusion arising from anger, destroys all the wealth and power.

Fortunes, fleeting like the autumnal clouds, cannot be retained by those whose senses are unsteady.


Bharavi was a 6th century Sanskrit poet who wrote Kiratarjuniya based on the Mahabharata.