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Rama and Sita in Hanuman’s Heart, the Story

One of the popular images associated with Hanuman is that of Sri Ram and Sita in Hanuman’s heart. There is a story associated with this particular picture. Legend has it that once Mata Sita gifted Hanuman a necklace of precious pearls. Those people who saw the necklace appreciated it and its value.

Hanuman immediately broke the necklace and started inspecting the pearls. People wondered what Hanuman was up to? On enquiry he said that for the pearl to be precious it must have Sri Ram and Mata Sita inside it.

People laughed and said that Sri Ram and Mata Sita are at the palace not in pearls.

Hanuman retorted that Sri Ram and Mata Sita exist in all things and they even reside in his heart.

People started making fun of Hanuman for his foolish belief.

But Hanuman did not budge and stood by his statement.

One over enthusiastic person in the crowd asked Hanuman to show Sri Ram and Sita in his heart?

Hanuman immediately tore open his chest and in his heart the people of Ayodhya saw the image if Sri Ram and Mata Sita. People stood dumb. Hanuman went his way.

The wise among the crowd understood the value of devotion. Nothing is impossible when there is unwavering devotion.