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Narayani Shila Temple – Haridwar

Narayani Shila Temple Haridwar is an important sacred spot on the banks of Ganga at Haridwar. The temple is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu and is located near the famous Ganesh Ghat. The most important ritual performed at Narayani Shila is Pinda Dan to ancestors, parents and relatives. Those people suffering from Pitru Dosh also perform rituals here. Those dead relatives who are suffering in Preta Yoni get moksha when relatives perform puja here.

Pitru Moksh japa and Yajna and Shradh rituals are also performed here. Those people who are troubled by spirits also come here and get relief.

Inside the temple there is a half shila and murti of Vishnu. There is also a murti of Vishnu outside the temple. Thousands small mounds can be seen in the vicinity of the temple – these are created by relatives for the peace of the dead in their family.

The legend associated with Narayani Shila is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. It is believed that when Vishnu defeated Gayasura, he split into three parts and the middle part fell at Haridwar. Later Vishnu forgave Gayasura and said that the spot where his body fell will become holy and will be used by humans for performing Shradh.

Narayani Shila Temple is located at the Mayapur locality in Haridwar.

The most important date here is on the Chaturdashi during Pitru Paksha in Ashwin month (September – October).