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A film on Barbareek – Khatu Shyam – in Mahabharata, with actors from the famous Doordarshan Mahabharata serial

Khatu Shyam, also known as Babreek, is the grandson of Pandava Bhima and son of Ghatotkacha. He willingly gave his head in charity to Sri Krishna before the Mahabharata war as he was forced to side with the Kauravas. Now a film is being made on the story of Barabareek and the highlight being the actors who portrayed the characters in the famous Doordarshan Mahabharata serial will enact the same roles the in the film.

Legend has it that the head of Khatu Shyam was placed atop a hill near the Kurukshetra and it watched the entire Mahabharata war from there. Sri Krishna also gave the boon to Barbareek that he will be worshipped in the Kaliyuga just like him. Famous temples dedicated to Khatu Shyam are located in North India, especially in Rajasthan.
Times of Indiareports 
The show that became a household favourite will feature on the silver-screen, thanks to producer K.K. Yadav and director Dharmesh Tiwari. Interestingly, the film, titled Barbareek, will star all of the show's original actors, essaying the same characters. 
The only additional member to the cast is Ravi Yadav, who will essay the character Sahdev. The film, based on Barbareek the son of Ghatokach, is currently in the dubbing stage and slated to release in March end or early April.