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Rokadia Hanuman Mela at Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh

Rokadia Hanuman Mela is annually organized on the Paush Purnima day at Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh. This mela attracts thousands of people. Rokadia Hanuman Mela 2025 date is January 13. Burhanpur is around 340 km southwest of Bhopal. The Rokadia Hanuman mandir is a famous temple dedicated in this part of Madhya Pradesh.

The Paush Purnima Rokadia Hanuman Mela attracts people from nearby towns and villages. The mela is also a happy hunting ground for people looking for exclusive rural crafts.

During the Rokadia Hanuman Mela, the atmosphere in Burhanpur becomes vibrant and colorful as devotees and visitors throng the temple premises and the surrounding area. The temple itself, dedicated to Lord Hanuman, is adorned with decorations and illuminated with lights, creating a captivating sight for the attendees.

Devotees flock to the temple to offer prayers and seek blessings from Lord Hanuman, believed to be a powerful deity who provides protection and strength to his devotees. Many undertake special rituals and ceremonies, such as lighting lamps, offering flowers, and reciting hymns, as acts of devotion and gratitude.

Apart from the religious aspect, the mela also serves as a social gathering where people from different communities come together to celebrate and enjoy the festivities. It provides an opportunity for families and friends to reunite, exchange greetings, and share joyous moments.

Additionally, the Rokadia Hanuman Mela serves as an economic boost for local businesses and vendors who set up stalls and shops around the temple area. The influx of visitors boosts sales and trade, contributing to the local economy. Artisans and traders from various part of the region come to sell their wares, ranging from religious items like idols, prayer beads, and holy books to everyday items like clothes, toys, farm produce and household goods.

Overall, the Rokadia Hanuman Mela is not only a religious event but also a cultural extravaganza that brings together people from various backgrounds to celebrate faith, tradition, and community spirit.