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Andhaka Son Of Shiva - Story - Shiva And Andhaka Demon

Andhaka was the son of Shiva. He is also the foster son of Demon Hiranyaksha. Legend has it that once Goddess Parvati closed the eyes of Shiva with her hands. Suddenly the entire cosmos plunged into darkness. The intense heat produced by Shiva’s third eye combined with his sweat gave birth to a blind and deformed child - Andhaka.

During this period demon Hiranyaksha was performing intense austerities to please Shiva and get a powerful son. Shiva appeared before Hiranyaksha and bestowed him Andhaka. Shiva also gave the warning that if Andhaka performs Adharmic activities he will himself kill him.

Andhaka grew up and pleased Brahma with his devotion and austerities. He got is eyesight restored and a boon that he will only be killed if he ever chose his mother in marriage.

Several years later Andhaka happened to see Goddess Parvati and wished to marry not knowing that she was his mother.

Prahlada, son of Hiranyakashipu, warned Andhaka about his doom but this did not deter Andhaka. He sends an emissary to Shiva asking for Goddess Parvati’s hand in marriage.

This led to a major confrontation between Shiva and Andhaka. The demon was defeated and when he was about to be killed. He asked for forgiveness and admitted that Goddess Parvati was his mother.

Shiva then removed demonic traits from Andhaka and cleared all his sins. Shiva then made him the king of Asuras and his new name was Bhringi.