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Parthiva Linga – Shivling Made Out of Mud

Parthiva Linga or Shivling made out of mud or clay is regarded as the most exalted Shivling in Kaliyuga. Parthiva Linga gives the freedom to devotees to make a Shivling and worship Shiva in Kaliyuga when Adharma gains upper hand and priests and saints have gone corrupt.

It is said that in Satyayuga, Shivling made of gems was best, in Tretayuga one made of gold and in Dwaparayuga one made of mercury was best.

In Kaliyuga Shiva is accessible to all his devotees that follow Dharma.

Parthiva Linga should be a single piece not made using joining parts.

Parthiva Linga can be worshipped on the banks of rivers, lakes and ponds, seashore, mountain, forest or in a Shiva Temple. Any pure clay can be used to make the Shivling.

The devotee should take bath, perform daily rites, apply bhasma and wear Rudraksha before offering prayers. The mantra that is to be chanted is Om Namah Shivaya.

A devotee can make any number of Parthiva Linga.

Offering should be Bilva leaves or flowers.