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Holy Ice Shivling Formed at Manali Anjani Mahadev in Himachal Pradesh

The Anjani Mahadev Temple near Solang Ski Slopes in Manali Himachal Pradesh is witnessing huge number of devotees due to the formation of a holy ice Shivling. The Shiva Lingam starts forming in the first week of November and grows by four to six inches every day and would grow up to 30 feet during the winter season. The temple is around 13 km from Manali.
Times of India reports
The place was discovered by Baba Prakash Puri two decades ago. A temple has now been built and several hermits live here.

Manali Anjani Mahadev

The Anjani Mahadev temple at Kullu is also known as  Amarnath of Kullu or Chota Amarnath. The Shivling is here formed just like the Ice Shivling formed in the famous Amarnath Cave in Jammu and Kashmir.

The temple is named after Anjana mother of Lord Hanuman.

The belief is that Anjani meditated here and did penance to please Shiva. She performed penance here to get Hanuman as her son.

The water that flows through the mountain here turns into snow due to the freezing temperature. The falling of the water is in such a way that it turns in a ice shivling. 

The Shivling is present from Mid November to Mid April. The best time to visit is during December and January.

Anjani Mahadev is around 2 kms from Solang Valley. There is 40 minutes uphill trek to reach the temple.