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Bhishma Narkatari Temple at Kurukshetra

Narkatari Temple at Kurukshetra in Haryana is believed to the spot where Bhishma lied down on a bed of arrows after he was defeated by Arjuna in the battle of the Kurukshetra in the Mahabharata. There is a holy tank or Kund known as Bhishma kund and a small temple here. It is around 2 km from Thanesar on the Kurukshetra-Pehowa road.

Bhishma Narkatari Temple and pond is of great significance as Arjuna brought Ganga as a spring from the ground here using his arrows to quench the thirst of Bhishma.

It is at the same spot, Bhishma gave numerous advices to Yudhishtira and the other Pandavas regarding worldly conduct and how to rule to a kingdom.

It is at the same spot, Bhishma finally died as he had got the boon that he will only die when he wished to die.