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Goddess Jyoti - Goddess Of Light Appeared While Creating Vel For Muruga

Goddess Jyoti emerged from a spark that appeared from the forehead of Goddess Parvati while she was creating the Vel or spear that is associated with Muruga. Some scholars suggest that Goddess Jyoti is the Vel that Muruga or Skanda carries. She is widely believed to be the sister of Skanda. The worship of Goddess Jyoti is associated with Muruga worship in Tamil Nadu.

The Jyoti (fire) that is lit in Shiva temples especially that in Tiruvannamalai in Kartik Month is believed to be Goddess Jyoti.

In North India, Goddess Jyoti is associated with Goddess Jwalamukhi.

Nothing much is known about the concept of the Goddess Jyoti form. Some people also associated with the Kundalini power.

There is also a belief that Goddess Jyoti exists in an invisible form in all Skanda temples.