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Yoga Ganapati form of Ganesha

Sri Yoga Ganapati is one among the 32 forms of Ganesha. This form of Ganesh is worshipped for yogic powers and also for avoiding disturbances during meditation. Yoga Ganapati Mantra is
Yoggarudho Yoga pattabhiramah
Balarkabhah Chandra neelamshukadayah!
Pashekshvakshan Yogadandam dadanah
Payanityam Yoga Vighneshvaro nah!!

Yoga Ganapati is depicted as absorbed in meditation. A unique aspect of this form is that the knees of the murti are strapped and are in meditative posture.

This form of Ganesha has crimson body color and he wears blue clothes.

Yoga Ganapathi has four hands. They hold yoga staff, sugarcane, noose and a flower bud.

It is believed that constant meditation on this form of Ganesha helps in attaining yogic powers. He also keeps out mental disturbances.

A true devotee can achieve peace through prayers to Yoga Ganapati.