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The 14 Worlds in Hindu Tradition as Mentioned in the Puranas

Hindu tradition talks about 14 worlds – Puranas suggests seven of these 14 are earth and above earth and seven are below earth. The fourteen are Bhuloka, Bhuvarloka, Swargaloka, Maharloka, Janaloka, Tapoloka, Satya Loka, Athala, Vithala, Suthala, Rasathala, Talathala, Mahathala, and Patala.

Those Worlds that are above earth are –
  1. Bhuloka – Earth – the places that our feet touch
  2. Bhuvarloka – This world is between earth and sun. Siddhas and Saints live here.
  3. Swargaloka – Indra and other Devas live here
  4. Maharloka – Hindu God Vishnu resides here
  5. Janaloka – Dead souls reside here.
  6. Tapaloka – Mahrishis reside
  7. Satyaloka – Brahma resides here

The Worlds that are below earth are
  1. Athalam – Place associated with Yama
  2. Vithalam – Place associated with Shiva
  3. Suthala – King Bali resides here
  4. Rasathala – Rakshasas reside here
  5. Talathalam – Spot associated with Mayamayi
  6. Mahathalam – Place associated with Serpents
  7. Pathalam – Place associated with Yama and Nagas.
When the great cosmic dissolution takes place all the worlds, undergo transformation except for Maharloka the world of Vishnu.

Please note that there are few other such categories of the worlds. This is one among them.