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Dwadasha Aditya Tila – Story of Hillock at Vrindavan Radha Mohan Temple

Dwadasa Aditya Tila is a small hillock near the famous Radha Mohan Temple in Vrindavan. The hillock is associated with the famous subduing of the Kaliya Snake incident in the life of Sri Krishna. Legend has it that after vanquishing Snake Kaliya in the Yamuna River; Sri Krishna took rest on the small hill.

As Krishna was wet, Sri Krishna felt cold and to warm him up it is said that Dwadasha Adityas appeared – 12 suns. They appeared in sky to give warmth to the Lord. Thus the hillock got the name Dwadasha Aditya Tila.

It is said that due to the intense heat produced by 12 suns, Sri Krishna began to sweat and a lake was formed due to this. The lake is known as Praskandara Sarovar.