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Converting Biodegradable Waste from Temple Towns to LPG and Electricity

Many of our Hindu temple towns are filled with biodegradable wastes like flowers, natural puja items and food. What if the temples could convert the garbage into LPG for cooking and electricity? NextGen based in Bangalore has come up with a solution to make temple towns and clean and garbage free. NextGen is an energy and environment company with the mission to create sustainable growth through technological and social innovation.

NextGen waste energy management project consists of a plant that could convert biodegradable refuse such as flowers and food into methane gas that generates electricity.

The biogas plant can be designed to process waste right from 25kgs/day to more than 50tons/day. The plant can take in variety of inputs right from food waste to garden waste to human waste. The gas so generated can be either used to substitute LPG or can be used to produced electricity.

Electricity generation is viable only for plants having a capacity of more than 10tons/day of waste input.

Find more about NextGen here at their website. (the website no longer provides the relevant information.