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Coconut on Kalash – What to do with Water and Coconut atop Kalasham after Varalakshmi Puja?

Kalash is an indispensable part of Varalakshmi puja and vratam. What to do with the coconut atop the kalash and water inside the pot always haunts women and men who are part of the puja.

You should break the coconut next day and use it to make any sweet like sweet pongal, modak, or kozhukattai with jaggery and rice. The sweet is then offered to the Gods worshipped at home. Family members then eat the sweet.

The water in the kalash should be offered to plants which are on ground (not potted plants). The water should not flow out. People should not stamp on water.

You can offer the water to Tulsi or any other plant.

If you are using turmeric then it should be thrown into a well.

Rice used can be used to cook prasad. If not possible it can be donated along with more rice to poor people.