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Bala and Atibala Mantra in the Ramayana - Vishwamitra Rishi

Bala and Atibala are two mantras mentioned in the Ramayana.  It is mentioned in the Balakanda of the Valmiki Ramayan. The mantras were given to Sri Ram and Lakshman by Vishwamitra Rishi while he was taking the two brothers to defend his yajna from Rakshasas (demons). It is believed that one who meditates on Bala and Atibala Mantras will not feel hunger, thirst and tiredness. No one will be able to defeat them in fights.

Although this mantra is mentioned in the Ramayana, it is not originally from the epic. The Bala and Atibala mantra is found in the Savitri Upanishad.

In Valmiki Ramayana the mantra is mentioned in the Balakanda – Sarga 22. But the mantra is not given in written format – it is mentioned that Sage Vishwamitra gave it to Sri Ram and Lakshman. The glory of it is also said in the chapter.

Although Bala and Atibala Mantra are two mantras – they are considered as one and are chanted together.

Apart from control over physical urges, knowledge, intelligence, beauty and oratory powers of a person will increase as a result of the chanting of the mantra.

The Rishi of this mantra is Virat Purush and the meter and Goddess is Gayatri.

The Bala and Atibala Mantra is given below: