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Pancha Bhutas In Hinduism - Names - Importance - Five Elements

Pancha Bhutas are the five great elements in Hinduism - space, air, fire, water and earth. Hindu religion teaches that the environment constitute of the five great elements and are derived from Prakriti – the primal energy. 

The Pancha Bhutas are interconnected and the Upanishads states – From Brahman (the Supreme Truth) arises space, from space arises air, from air arises fire, from fire arises water, and from water arises earth."


As per Hindu tradition, the human body is also composed of the Pancha Bhutas and is connected to one of the five senses. Nose is related to earth, tongue to water, eyes to fire, skin to air and ears to space.

The concept of Pancha Bhutas symbolically states that all that living and nonliving are forms of the Supreme Truth.